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Bueno Digital Single Breast Pump - Tubeless

Bueno Digital Single Breast Pump - Tubeless

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Bueno Digital Single Breast Pump is specially design for mothers in suckling period. The machine simulates milk-sucking rythm of infants with microcomputer technology, to adjust sucking amount. The machine can work with three modes: Massagem galgctogogue and milk-sucking, it has portable volume with lithium battery design, so that the mother can finish milk collection in the best comfortable and effective way.


[ Features ]

Smart Frequency Conversion Mode

The machine has unique tri-mode setting: Massage, galgctogogue and milk-sucking, which can effectively solve the trouble encountered by mothers in the process of initial feeding and milk sucking.


Smart Touch Screen

The comprehensive smart touch screen can ensure more clear display and more smooth operation.


Adjustable Multiple Shifts

The massage function has five adjsutable shifts, galgctogogue and milk-sulking functions have 9 adjustable shifts each, which provide more shifts to mothers to select.


Design For Milk Collection, Feeding and Storage

The machine is equipped with the milk bottle, nipple and storage cover, to ensure that the infant can drink immediately after pumping, you also can cover it for cold storage.


Lithium Batter With Large Capacity

The lithium batter with large capacity can be used for many time after being recharged one time, therefore, it can be used at home or outside. 


Massage / Galactagogue Mode

More Prolactin, simulate milk production thru “High Frequency Micro-Vibration”.


Milk Pumping / Anti-Back Flow Protection

“High Frequency Micro-Vibration”. No more worry about dis-comfort while pumping milk too.

Efficient milking. Designed for Comfort & Milk collection – feeding and storage. Natural Rhythm, nutrition and taste of breast milk always fully retained. Baby can enjoy healthier and tastier milk anytime.


BPA Free Materials used

Silica Gel, PP, PP, ABS, Silica Gel (Food Grade Materials).


Smart Touch Screen

Clear Display, Smooth Operation & Visibility with Multiple Speed - Adjustable Shifts (9 levels) for Galactagogue & Milk Pumping mode.


Silent Operation & Large Capacity

Very Quiet, less than 50 decibels (creating a more peaceful and easeful environment). Large capacity, can hold on about 180ml breast milk!


Painless Breast Pumping Technology from Swiss & Parts High Temperature Sterilization

  • Breast Shield (PP + TPE) : -20C ~ 120C
  • Tee (PP) : -20C ~ 120C
  • Motor (ABS) : -20C ~ 120C
  • Silicone Bowel (Liquid Silicone): -20C ~ 120C
  •   Suction Valve (Liquid Silicone): -20C ~ 120C
  • Milk Bottle (PP/PPSU) : -20C ~ 120C
  • Thread Cover of Milk Bottle (PP): -20C ~ 120C
  • Nipple (Liquid Silicone) : -200C ~ 120C
  • Dirt-Proof Cover of Milk Bottle (PP):-20C ~ 120C


[ Specifications ]

  • Universal Standard Adaptor (Mobile phone adaptor)
  • USB Port of Computer or Laptop 
  • Portable USB Power Bank


[ Warranty Period ] 

  • 2 year
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